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Bass Clef Cello Bootcamp

The 2023 Bootcamp is happening this July!

About The Bootcamp

About The Bootcamp

Want your student to play in the school orchestra and have fun with friends? A little exposure to the musical arts is just the thing!

Our summer boot camp is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play the cello. We start with the basics to get your new or current cellist the correct foundation to build their success upon.

Public school orchestra teachers work very hard to teach all of their students how to play multiple instruments, but don’t have time or means to give everyone a good enough foundation so that kids can focus on what’s important - having fun making beautiful music! Give your student the chance to get the most that they can out of their school orchestra experience, and at the same time help support your local orchestra teacher by sending them a student that already has a solid set up!


Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
383 S. Mall Dr.
St. George, UT 84790


July 7 - 27, 2023

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Posture, Bow Hold, and Left Hand Setup

Technique: Posture and setup, balance and awareness.
Theory: Scales and basic rhythm awareness.
Ensemble playing: French Folk song, introduction of performance piece

Intonation and basic harmony

Technique: Bow hold, bowing technique and articulation
Theory: Sharps and Flats, circle of fifths
Ensemble playing: Happy Farmer, rhythm games with 16th notes, continued practice with performance piece

String crossings and basic rhythms

Technique: Left hand setup - balance, weight, patterns
Theory: Key signatures, basic transposition
Ensemble playing: Double Stop March, triplets

Staccato vs Legato

Technique: shifting, intro to vibrato
Theory: Minor scales
Ensemble playing: polishing performing piece and final performance!

Coming Soon!

Bootcamp Venue

Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
383 S. Mall Dr.
St. George, UT 84790


Cello bootcamp - Testimonial 1

Confidence building

"I love that you gave my son the confidence to play his instrument when he has never touched it before. He now feels like he can try anything on his cello."

Cello bootcamp - Testimonial 2

A great foundation

"I liked that we learned all the basics of cello that we could use for the rest of our cello playing career."

Cello bootcamp - Testimonial 3

Harmony at home

"My two oldest children have had trouble getting along over the last year or so. Thankfully, music has brought them together over the last few days and they’ve made up their own peppy versions of Ode to Joy. It has been very nice to see them happily doing something together."

Cello bootcamp - Testimonial 4

Cello Bootcamp was amazing!

"My daughter wanted to join the school orchestra playing the cello having never picked up an instrument, so we put her in Pete's bootcamp the summer before school started and it gave her a great foundation for success."

Cello bootcamp - Testimonial 5

Confidence building

During a recent lesson, this young boy walked into my home studio, set his cello down on the ground, and proclaimed proudly, “You’ll never guess what I did!” A huge grin emerged across his face as he continued, “This week, I played the cello in front of my whole school!” Knowing the personal battle he just won, I could see his shoulders pitched back a little farther, and his frame stood a bit taller that day.


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