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Building noble hearts through music.

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Peter Romney of Bass Clef Cello - St. George Cello classes

Cello? Really?

Yes! Give your student, or yourself, a gift that will last for generations. In a world of neverending activity, cello study offers students the opportunity to build a framework of mindful skills that will benefit them in every aspect of life: self-awareness, sensitivity, confidence, grit, cooperation, not to mention the joy and freedom that can be found in finding their own voice and expressing it through music. Besides, it’s only the greatest instrument ever!

Whether you are looking to better your own life, to find something for your child to do, or to find something that the two of you can enjoy together, the cello provides an opportunity to bring the spark of music into your everyday life.

It’s time to start growing. Explore your options for lessons that fit your lifestyle and budget below and start gaining:

  • Self Mastery
  • Accomplishment
  • Critical Thinking
  • The Joy of Expression

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Years Teaching


Personal Practice Hours

Why Choose Bass Clef Talent Education?

Music study brings with it a wealth of proven benefits beyond the mere skills on the instrument that you choose to study. Beyond my own goal of creating fine musicians out of all of my students, I recognize the higher value that these other benefits have. In the BCTE studio, we work together in a cooperative way to build character. I offer many different lesson options in order to give as many students as possible that chance

Suzuki Educator

I am trained and registered as an advanced educator in the Suzuki method. From the beginning, we will be building skills that you or your student will need to play at a high level.


After years of experience in the music education community, I will give you all you need to know to expand your cello experience - performance opportunities, festivals and camps to attend, school recommendations, etc. I am well connected with all the private and public music educators in Southwestern Utah, with whom I share relationships of trust.


Music study is a long-term relationship. I am dedicated to the long-term relationship I share with my students and their families, and helping them to excel.