Peter Romney of Bass Clef Cello Talent Education with student.

Peter and Bass Clef Talent Education

It’s no exaggeration to say that teaching music has changed my life. Now I want to use that to change other people’s lives.

I have had the great privilege of getting to know and teach scores of students and their families here in the St George area. I have watched them grow and meet the challenges of parenthood and childhood together. There are many demons that we all battle today: busy schedules, peer pressure (for both parents and kids!), the distractions of social media and other forms of “screen time,” bullying, and just the simple struggle of finding some way to spend time together. Parents and kids are all superheroes just by facing up to these challenges every day.

What I have seen is that the act of slowing down, if only for a few minutes every day, to mindfully learn, listen, feel, and create music, infuses students with a hidden foundation on which they can rely when modern life gets in the way of happiness. It’s not that the obstacles are eliminated, but with the confidence and self awareness that comes through music study, we gain the strength to face them.

I have also watched as parents and children strengthen their bonds through shared experiences in music study. This flies in the face of the stereotypical image that may come to mind of a parent constantly having to hound their kid to practice, while the kid feels nothing but harangued by the parent for having to do it. Sure, it’s not all roses all the time, but when done in a supportive environment, practice can build a lifelong relationship between parent and child. My mother, a professional English teacher, introduced me to the cello at the age of 5 and it was something we enjoyed together for the rest of her life. I want that same joy for all of my students and their parents.

Peter Romney started cello at the age of five, and grew up studying under, among others, Carol Tarr, Richard Hoyt, Richard Aaron, Rodney Farrar, Tanya Carey, and Kory Katseanes, former assistant conductor for the Utah Symphony. He has toured throughout the western US and Europe with classical ensembles as well as improvisational, jazz, and folk artists, and is featured on the albums of Theta Naught, Paul Jacobsen, and others. Currently, Peter maintains his private studio, Bass Clef Talent Education, in St George. He is assistant principal cellist for the Southwest Symphony Orchestra, and continues to hone his skills, both as a cellist and as a Suzuki teacher, with Dr. AliceAnn O’Neill.

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Nate K. Testimonial

Nate K.


My daughter wanted to join the school orchestra playing having never picked up an instrument, so we put her in Pete's bootcamp the summer before school started and she is doing so great. She is now the Teachers Aid for the Beginning Orchestra class at school.

Mom of 2 Cello students

Mom of 2 Cello Students

My two oldest children have had trouble getting along over the last year or so. Thankfully, music has brought them together over the last few days and they’ve made up their own peppy versions of Ode to Joy. It has been very nice to see them happily doing something together. Also, recently, Jens let me know that he is going to play the cello even when he is older because he thinks it is really cool. I think he has realized it makes him happy to make music. It makes me very happy that it makes him happy.