One-On-One Cello Lessons For Today's Busy St. George Family.


Peter Romney

Course Fee

$85 - $150

Class Length

30 - 60 min. Weekly

Technical Foundation

The ability to express oneself through music starts with the correct technique. Good sound production involves every part of the body, from the feet, up through the head, then into the hands.

Technical Foundation


Whether or not your student’s aim is to perform in front of people, music lessons and daily practice build self confidence in every arena of life. Your student will learn to prepare to present their best selves every day.

Confidence Playing CEllo

Critical Thinking

It’s not about me filling your cup with my knowledge; it’s about me showing you how to navigate the waters. Lessons with me emphasize self awareness and critical thinking to solve problems so that the skills you learn playing music translate to any other field.

Critical Thinking


Simply put, I teach you how to play beautifully! Music increases one’s ability to express themselves emotionally, the step that takes masterful playing and transforms it into true art.

Cello Artistry